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Step into the charm of a 2-story farmhouse, offering a timeless appeal and ample space. Discover the beauty of a 36" farmhouse sink, combining practicality and elegance in your kitchen. Transform your bedroom into a cozy farmhouse retreat, inspired by rustic simplicity. Embrace the rustic charm of a black farmhouse exterior, a bold and stylish choice. Create your farmhouse oasis today!

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07 Apr, 2024

Great attention to detail in the plans. He customized our plans for a very reasonable price and was very responsive each step of the way!



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01 Apr, 2024

Great service, quick perfect download. Already replied to my possible minor changes.



 (Verified by Etsy)
19 Mar, 2024

Very fast delivery on our 2100 square foot custom house plans. We found a stock blueprint from them on Etsy and wanted to use that base plan and do a custom plan from it. The cost was 40-50% less than a local architect/drafter but still not cheap. Communication was great and the designer made all changes I requested in a timely manner. It’s legit, I was skeptical at first also! I did feel a little rushed towards the end bc even though I’m not a builder, I like to know how things are designed so I can make sure it’s built right and builders don’t try to cut corners. I was asking a lot of questions and I understand time is money, so it still gets 5 stars from me. No builders have seen the plans yet. I will update this review if I have issues with builders understanding the blue prints.



 (Verified by Etsy)
26 Feb, 2024

Sanverma Designs was extremely helpful while helping us to customize our house plans. I wanted an almost complete change in our garage area and he completed it with no problems. He gave us exactly what we wanted. He was very responsive and completed the project in less time then what he originally told us. I would highly recommend working with Sanverma on your next set of plans!


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 (Verified by Etsy)
24 Feb, 2024

Had a minor hiccup with my order. Seller was super quick to get it resolved. Prints are top notch. Gave them to my builder and he approved of them also! 10/10



 (Verified by Etsy)
27 Dec, 2023

Very quick and very reasonably priced



Farmhouse plans are architectural blueprints inspired by traditional farmhouses, often featuring a combination of rustic and modern elements. These plans typically emphasize comfort, functionality, and a connection to the outdoors.
Common architectural styles in farmhouse plans include Traditional Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse, Country Farmhouse, and Rustic Farmhouse. Each style offers unique features and aesthetics to suit different tastes.
Yes, many farmhouse plans can be customized to some extent. Depending on the plan provider, you may have the option to modify the layout, room sizes, exterior design, and other features. You can contact us to discuss your requirements.
Yes, modern farmhouse plans often include contemporary amenities such as open floor plans, large kitchens, and ample storage, blending the charm of farmhouse living with modern conveniences.