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4 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom House with Plenty of Space for Everyone | 210SVD

Barndominium House Plans | Plan 210SVD | Sanverma Design

Welcome to our blog, where we’ll be showcasing an exceptional house that offers a harmonious blend of functionality, style, and outdoor living. This magnificent residence features a spacious floor plan and a range of amenities that cater to your every need. Join us as we explore the remarkable features of this stunning home.

Barndominium House Plans | Plan 210SVD | Floor Plan | Sanverma Design

4 Bedrooms and 4 Bathrooms: This house boasts four well-appointed bedrooms, providing ample space for family members and guests. Each bedroom offers comfort and privacy, ensuring a peaceful retreat for everyone. Additionally, with four bathrooms, convenience is never compromised, allowing each resident to have their own private space.

2 Powder Rooms: In addition to the full bathrooms, this house also features two powder rooms. These conveniently located half-bathrooms on the main level offer additional facilities for guests and provide ease of access without intruding on the privacy of the bedrooms.

Outdoor Kitchen: Embrace the joy of outdoor living with the included outdoor kitchen. This space is perfect for hosting gatherings and enjoying meals in the fresh air. Equipped with cooking appliances, a prep area, and ample counter space, the outdoor kitchen is a true culinary haven.

Rear Porch: Extend your living space outdoors with the spacious rear porch. With an area of 900 square feet, this covered area provides an ideal spot for relaxation, entertaining, and enjoying the surrounding views. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or simply unwinding with a book, the rear porch offers a serene outdoor oasis.

Breezeway: Connecting different parts of the house, the breezeway is a covered walkway that adds a touch of elegance and functionality to the property. With an area of 900 square feet, the breezeway also serves as a transition space between indoor and outdoor living, allowing for seamless movement between the main house and other areas.

Storage: Ample storage space is a crucial element in any well-designed home. This house includes dedicated storage areas to accommodate your belongings, keeping your living spaces organized and clutter-free.

Laundry: Convenience is key, and a designated laundry room ensures that laundry day is a breeze. With a dedicated space for washing, drying, and folding, the laundry room adds efficiency to your daily routine.

Living Area, Game Area, and Recreational Hall: This house offers multiple areas for relaxation and entertainment. The spacious living area provides a comfortable setting for family gatherings, while the game area allows for indoor recreation and friendly competition. Additionally, a dedicated recreational hall provides a versatile space that can be tailored to your specific hobbies and interests.

Dining Area and Kitchen: The dining area is thoughtfully integrated into the open-concept floor plan, creating a seamless flow between the kitchen and the dining space. This allows for easy serving and socializing during mealtime. The kitchen itself is designed to be a functional and stylish hub, equipped with modern appliances, ample counter space, and a layout that facilitates efficient meal preparation.

Pantry and Prep Room: With a dedicated pantry, you’ll have ample storage space for dry goods, kitchen essentials, and small appliances. Additionally, a prep room offers a separate area for food preparation, allowing you to keep the main kitchen organized and tidy.

Barndominium House Plans | Plan 210SVD | Sanverma Design

Here are some additional details about the house plan:

  • Total living area: 3,600 square feet
  • First floor living area: 3,600 square feet
  • Breezeway area: 900 square feet
  • Rear porch area: 900 square feet
  • Width: 115 feet
  • Depth: 55 feet

Experience the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living in this exceptional residence. From the luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms to the expansive outdoor kitchen and rear porch, this house offers a harmonious balance between comfort, style, and entertainment. Stay tuned for more inspiration and insights into the world of dream homes!

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